[rspec-users] Specs versus Stories

Joseph Anthony Pasquale Holsten joseph at josephholsten.com
Sat Feb 23 15:09:32 EST 2008

Brian Takita wrote:
> There are automated & manual tests.
> Automated customer facing & Automated developer tests.
> Both customer facing and developer tests can have a unit, functional,
> and integration scope.
> That being said, you can have effective high level developer Specs.
They certainly can, but I wonder who is. Does anyone have experiences  
with this specification (opposed to story-telling) at a high level  
they would share?

> Stories are great for facilitation communication, especially with
> nondevelopers. It may also be useful in organizing the developer's
> thoughts too. There may also be other benefits that I'm missing here.
So how about that opposite, is anyone using story-telling internally  
but not getting them from (or even sharing them with) clients? How's  
that working?

> However, there is an additional investment needed to build up your
> Story dsl, than would be expended in using high level Specs.
> Does the value of having Stories outweigh the costs in your situation?
> I think the best practice is what makes the most sense to you.

That's how I always defined best!

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