[rspec-users] [Q] how to restructure tests for an abstract class?

Chuck Remes cremes.devlist at mac.com
Thu Feb 21 11:09:49 EST 2008

While practicing BDD on my first-ever BDD project, I have come to a  
point where it makes sense to change my original class to an abstract  
class and create one (or more) concrete subclasses that implement a  
specific method. What is the right way to restructure the tests in  
this scenario? Do I leave the existing tests in place and just create  
a new spec file that instantiates and tests the concrete subclass?

I think I can continue to instantiate my "abstract" parent as long as  
I don't go near the behavior that will be defined by the concrete  
subclasses. Is that the right thing to do?

Thanks for any hints.


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