[rspec-users] Old Style Stories

Kero rspec-users at kero.tmfweb.nl
Wed Feb 20 23:21:07 EST 2008

> > I was working on a past project tonight to trunk which is using the
> > old story format. IE:
> >   Given "desc" do / end
> >   When "someting "do /end
> >   etc..
> >
> > Is this officially supported, or is this just something that hasn't
> > been ripped out yet?
> It's funny to me that this is "Old Style" in your view. It's really
> just another approach. Plain text is great for some situations, but so
> is writing in Ruby :) Depends on the team, really, and how involved
> the customer is in actually doing the typing.
> > If it is officially supported how attached are people to the re-using
> > of do/end blocks which match the same description. Every now and then
> > it bites me and I end up having to change one of the descriptions to
> > differ textually then another.
> Why would this be specific to scenarios written in Ruby?
> > IMO it is kind of annoying. A story
> > part description may have the same description as another in the same
> > scenario. Sometimes the sequence of steps provide the context,

If I understand you correctly, then we had a discussion on this:
and concluded that same-description means exactly-same-step, then continued
which is still open.

> This seems unfinished - was there more to this sentence?
> I think this is just a matter of documentation. If we got rid of
> block-sharing we'd be promoting much more verbose scenarios with a lot
> of redundancy. I think it's here to stay.

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