[rspec-users] spec_server requiring absolute paths (and autotest breaking)

Scott Taylor mailing_lists at railsnewbie.com
Wed Feb 20 21:14:56 EST 2008

On Feb 20, 2008, at 1:52 AM, Jarkko Laine wrote:

> On 20.2.2008, at 6.55, Scott Taylor wrote:
>>> That said, now that autotest runs via drb, it's vastly (like 50%)
>>> slower than without it,
>> That's the idea.
> Isn't the idea that specs run faster through drb, rather than  
> slower? However, in general my specs seem to take a lot longer when  
> run through autotest in the first place (compared to running just  
> rake spec:models, e.g.). I haven't so far been able to track down  
> what causes this.

Oops.  Misread your post.

Is this true running a single spec (or a single file)?  I've noticed  
that a test suite which takes about 5 seconds normally takes about 7  
seconds under drb (according to the numbers reported by rspec).  Then  
again, running a single file is blazingly fast, as their is no wait  
(as though I'm testing against a non-rails project).

>>> Mock 'Location_18994' expected :valid? with (any args) once, but
>>> received it twice
>> I saw this happen recently when the spec server was started twice:
>> once with the rake task (rake spec:server:start), the other with a
>> straight script/spec_sever.  My hunch is that both servers are
>> loading the files at the same time.
> That would seem logical. However, I just checked that I only have  
> one spec_server process running and am still able to reproduce the  
> problem.

Hmm.  Are you reloading classes or using anonymous classes derived  
from AR::Base, or anything crazy like that?  Are all your models in  
app/models?  Do you have pending migrations?  Are your running with  
rake, or with autotest? How about running the file alone?

>>> expected: "Barney Hops doesn't have the required competency (MBA)
>>> to teach this class",
>>>     got: ["Barney Hops doesn't have the required competency (MBA)
>>> to teach this class", "Barney Hops doesn't have the required
>>> competency (MBA) to teach this class"]
>> Yeah - this is because rails load's instead of requires.  You'll also
>> see this sort of thing if you just call load directly in your specs.
>> I've never dug deeper into how all of the rails magic happens
>> regarding loading and constants (and the method generation with the
>> association macros (has_* belongs_to), so if you have any insight,
>> I'd be happy to hear it.
> Yeah, all these failures are certainly related and probably caused  
> by something like what you describe. Got to try to figure out what  
> spec_server does differently than normal spec. Or maybe we should  
> just bite the bullet and make the deeptest spec fork work :-)
Yeah - deeptest is great for slow suites, but now that I have a fast  
suite (take 5-7 seconds), deeptest probably wouldn't be much of a  
performance gain for me.


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