[rspec-users] ZenTest-3.9.0 incompatible with RSpec-1.1.2

Andy Leak andy at r210.com
Tue Feb 19 12:12:50 EST 2008

I got it working - using:
- Cygwin on XP
- Cygwin Ruby 1.8.6
- ZenTest 3.9.1 and RSpec 1.1.3

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David Chelimsky wrote:
> Did you install both the rspec and rspec_on_rails 1.1.3 plugins?

hey i've updated the plugins and still get the error:

loading autotest/rails_rspec
Autotest style autotest/rails_rspec doesn't seem to exist. Aborting.

i'm running ruby 1.8.5 and rails 1.2.3, ZenTest 3.9.1 and rspec 1.1.3. i
reinstalled the plugins and then updated the gem too.

any other ideas? maybe i should just try going back down to ZenTest
3.8.0 and rspec 1.1.2 and restarting machine.
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