[rspec-users] Autotest setup to run Story Runner?

Kamal Fariz kamal.fariz at gmail.com
Fri Feb 15 02:09:04 EST 2008

Has anyone looked at hooking up the Story Runner to Autotest?  
Currently, the autotest hooks that rspec uses explicitly runs ./script/ 
spec, which when pointed to a story runner file doesn't do anything.  
(In fact, the generated spec.opts has an incompatible --format option  
- changing progress to just p works as it maps to plain in story runner)

Here's how I think it can be mapped. I have a fairly simple convention:

1. Match stories/stories/(.*), rerun stories/stories/basename($1).rb  
(i name my story files with .story extension)
2. Match stories/(helper|all).rb, rerun stories/all.rb
3. Match stories/steps/(.*)_step.rb, rerun stories/stories/ 

You can be fancier for steps if you like to break them up, like  
looking into which Story Runner uses those steps.

Can Story Runner run a specific scenario in a story? Like how Spec  
Runner can just execute a particular example.


p/s: I'm using rstakeout currently to run my stories and autotest to  
run my specs. It'll be great if they can context-switch in the same  
autotest instance.

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