[rspec-users] Failed specs spike autotest

Kamal Fariz kamal.fariz at gmail.com
Thu Feb 14 19:57:32 EST 2008

> Same thing happening here, though I didn't recognize that it's only
> after failures. The problem continues whether I use .autotest files or
> not.
> This is on a Rails 2.0.2 project, with rspec+rspec_on_rails r3306 in
> vendor/plugins, and ZenTest 3.9.1 installed as a gem.

I got this too, but didn't bother to find out where and how script/ 
spec would sneak into the list of files to test. I got this even if i  
explicitly exclude the file in my .autotest.

The quick and dirty thing I did was:

   def make_test_cmd(files_to_test)
     return "#{ruby} -S #{spec_command} #{add_options_if_present}  
#{files_to_test.keys.flatten.select { |i| i != 'script/spec' }.join('  

in vendor/plugins/rspec/lib/autotest/rspec.rb


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