[rspec-users] Generated rspec video

Kero rspec-users at kero.tmfweb.nl
Thu Feb 14 00:48:23 EST 2008

> > A sneak preview of what I've been doing with my patch that made it
> > into rspec 1.1.3:
> >
> > Stuff for off-list:
> >  - created with mencoder, I can play with mplayer.
> >    Reports on success or failure of other players welcome.
> weird codec combo... you should have used thedora or xvid at least :-P
> (cannot play or even recognize the .avi codec signature).

mencoder manages neither libxvid or libtheora as video encoder.
No clue why, it should support them. I put up six combinations
which google helped me find on
but xine and vlc only do audio as well as video on the wmv8+wmav2

Showed the stuff yesterday on NYC.rb, got one comment to hook this
up to selenium (instead of the -f p -c). and that the nice thing:
these formatters (listeners) allow you to execute about anything
you'd want :)


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