[rspec-users] Shared Examples + “initialized constant” warnings

Gerrit Kaiser gerrit+rspec-devel at gerritkaiser.de
Fri Feb 8 22:14:29 EST 2008

thanks for your prompt reply.

On 09/02/2008, at 3:43 AM, David Chelimsky wrote:
> so it is up to you to ensure that shared example groups don't
> get reloaded. How you do that depends on how you are running your
> specs and what other config changes you've made.
> So ... how are you running your specs? Have you made any additional
> config changes in terms of what files get loaded?

No changes in terms of loaded files. I'm normally running them via  
autotest, but invoking "script/spec spec/**/*_spec.rb" directly gives  
the same warnings (which is what I find weird, considering the shared  
example groups don't live in *_spec.rb files.

Here's my spec.opts:

Thanks for you help,

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