[rspec-users] RSpec 1.1.3 + ZenTest 3.9.1 + Rails 1.2.6 do NOT ignore folders ^vendor/*

Jean-Michel Garnier address4spams at 21croissants.com
Wed Feb 6 05:41:20 EST 2008


I just updated to the latest RSpec 1.1.3 + ZenTest 3.9.1.
I also have rspec 1.1.3 installed as a gem

When starting autotest with -v option, there is a lot of noise because
autotest does not ignore the vendor folder, the migrations, etc ...:

Dunno! vendor/plugins/acts_as_solr/solr/lib/jetty-util-6.1.3.jar
Dunno! vendor/rails/activerecord/lib/active_record/associations/has_many_through_association.rb
Dunno! vendor/rails/actionpack/lib/action_view.rb
Dunno! vendor/plugins/active_scaffold/test/extensions/array.rb
Dunno! vendor/plugins/active_scaffold/lib/extensions/nil_id_in_url_params.rb
Dunno! config/amazon_s3.yml
Dunno! vendor/rails/actionpack/lib/action_controller/base.rb
Dunno! vendor/plugins/acts_as_solr/lib/solr/response/base.rb
Dunno! vendor/plugins/rake_tasks/init.rb
Dunno! public/images/linqia/icon_groupmember.gif
Dunno! vendor/plugins/acts_as_solr/test/db/test.db
Dunno! vendor/rails/actionpack/lib/action_controller/mime_type.rb
Dunno! public/stylesheets/themes/default/close.gif
Dunno! db/migrate/021_create_community_bookmarks.rb
Dunno! vendor/plugins/cache_fu/test/local_cache_test.rb
Dunno! public/images/icons/flags/bv.gif

in the output. Am I the only one?

After reading the code in rspec_on_rails/lib/autotest/rails_rspec.rb

Autotest.add_hook :initialize do |at|
  %w{^config/ ^coverage/ ^db/ ^doc/ ^log/ ^public/ ^script
^vendor/rails ^vendor/plugins previous_failures.txt}.each do

I think the noise is not normal. Maybe I should write some specs to
verify this code is working ;-)

As David C. explained in his blog, I also have a .autotest in my HOME:
Autotest.add_hook :initialize do |at|
  %w{.svn .hg .git .rhtml .png .txt .sh .project .rjs .rake .jpg .xml
.xlst }.each {|exception|at.add_exception(exception)}


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