[rspec-users] Do people write specs for the code in their steps? How?

Erik Pukinskis erikpukinskis at gmail.com
Mon Dec 29 23:17:11 EST 2008

> The approach I like to take is to follow the guidance of the system
> (cucumber + rspec) every step of the way. Right now there are no
> passing steps, so I'd write the code for the 1st pending step, run the
> features and find the first thing that is missing or failing.

This is one thing I don't get.  I just started implementing steps, but
I feel like THAT code is all completely untested.  I don't know if my
regular expression is correct, I don't know if it does what I think it
should do.  What I really want to do is write something like this:

describe "steps for withdrawing money"

  describe "Given user has a balance"

    before :each
      cucumber "Given user has $50 dollars"

    it "should match a particular step"

    it "should create an account"

    it "should set the account balance to $50"



But is there such a "cucumber" method?  And how do you check that your
regular expressions are going to the right place?

Maybe the best thing to do is write your cucumber steps like this:

  user_has_a_balance = /user has $(.*) dollars/
  Given user_has_a_balance do |balance|

And then in your spec you can do:

  user_has_a_balance.match("user has $20 dollars").should_not == nil

How do people write specs for their cucumber steps?  And if you don't
write specs, how do you live with the uncertainty?


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