[rspec-users] OT: Implementation Question

James Byrne lists at ruby-forum.com
Fri Dec 19 12:37:41 EST 2008

Andrew Premdas wrote:
> You can use read_attribute and write_attribute in models to do this sort 
> of thing - though I'm not really clear exactly what it is you're trying
> to  do.
> I don't think normalising is quite the right term here.

Ahh.  Well when I was working with sendmail email addresses the practice 
was called munging.  But I believe that text normalization is defined as 
the practice of modifying any arbitrary text to a standard 
representation.  In this case user logins are all stored as lowercase, 
whitespace trimmed, left-shifted, single spaced token delimited, 
phrases.  So that MYUSER == MyUser == myuser.  It avoids much 
unhappiness with users.
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