[rspec-users] Cucumber fat client

Matt Wynne matt at mattwynne.net
Tue Dec 16 03:42:17 EST 2008

On 15 Dec 2008, at 12:53, Bart Zonneveld wrote:

> On 14-dec-2008, at 19:49, mike.gaffney wrote:
>> Why not make a web client that manipulates git based projects in  
>> the background? I've been messing around with Grit and doing things  
>> like this lately for http://rdocul.us a site I run and it is very  
>> easy to do. If everything is in a standard location you could just  
>> add a project via an administrative page and it would be cloned in  
>> the background, then they could:
>> browse all specs (just a filesystem listing)
>> edit and save specs (git add, commit, push)
>> look at a history on a given spec (log)
>> look at the history of all changes to the specs (log on a path)
>> merge changes / conflicts
> Correct me if I'm wrong (and I probably missed something), but why  
> do you and some others in this thread want users to actually edit a  
> feature?
> That's going to wreck havoc with steps that won't match anymore,  
> breaking features, and therefore making the client angry.
> bartz

What else would they want to do though that would add much value?

My thinking now is that I would perhaps have the customers working on  
a different branch of the code, which was still built in CI but failed  
with a 'softer' noise, to indicate that there was new work to do. We'd  
expect the build for this branch would be 'broken' most of the time.

As developers, we could then pull in the commits from this branch  
(almost like a todo list) and get to work on the new or changed  

Is that making any sense?

Matt Wynne

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