[rspec-users] Where to put Cucumber Utilities?

aidy lewis aidy.lewis at googlemail.com
Mon Dec 15 06:30:27 EST 2008


I use Watir\Firewatir with Cucumber. I previously used a framework
that object modelled the A-U-T; so each HTML page would be a class and
each object a method: this improved readability.

We came to the conclusion that this was over-engineering, slow and
boring; so I annihilated the object model.

However, there are utilities I still need for all sites e.g.

  class DownloadedInternetFiles
    def delete
      require 'fileutils'
      cache =  "C:\\Documents and Settings\\#{ENV['USERNAME']}\\Local
Settings\\Temporary Internet Files"
      cookies = "C:\\Documents and Settings\\#{ENV['USERNAME']}\\Cookies"
      FileUtils.rm_rf  cache
      FileUtils.rm_rf  cookies

Not sure where to put things like this. There are Helpers, but this
seems a little procedural to me.

Any thoughts?


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