[rspec-users] Where to start after writing feature

James Byrne lists at ruby-forum.com
Sun Dec 7 13:43:20 EST 2008

Andrew Premdas wrote:
> So my initial scenario might be
> When I create a new improvement
> I should see a confirmation
> and my second scenario might be
> Given there are some improvements
> I should be able to view improvements
> Finally have a think about whether this feature is actually important 
> enough
> to be doing first.

The question arises, how does one tell what is important enough to begin 
with?  I am trying to form a robust mental pattern for employing BDD and 
I keep running up against the tension between what I already believe to 
be necessary to provide from my prior knowledge and what point to begin 
with in features to cause this to be expressed.  The examples that I 
have found regarding how to use BDD features run the gamut from 
specifying model attributes and data normalization to macro statements 
of the form:

Given I have a web application
When I visit the application url
Then I should see a welcome message
  And I should see a sign in request


So, the question I have is:

Given I have an application design document
When I specify the design using BDD
Then I should first begin with ??????

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