[rspec-users] proxy associantion on controllers

Nick Hoffman nick at deadorange.com
Fri Dec 5 12:55:14 EST 2008

On 2008-12-05, at 10:06, Daniel Lopes wrote:
> Thanks for help and sorry for insistance but I don't understand  
> aspects on rspec ( I think not understand how we use mocks and stubs):

Hi Daniel. If you're a bit unsure about when to use mocks vs stubs,  
have a read of this article by Martin Fowler:

The short version of that article is:
-You mock objects: @photo = mock_model Photo
-You stub methods: @photo.stub!(:height).and_return(123)

> The behavior of my controller is...
> Before Filter:
> check_administrator_role
> load_user

Are you using Authlogic?

> So, in this case I want run my before filter methods in before block  
> on rspec, like below:

Nope!  =)  before-filters are called when a controller action is  
called; they aren't called in your specs' "before" blocks.

> describe PropertiesController do
>   def mock_property(stubs={})
>     @mock_property ||= mock_model(Property, stubs)
>   end
>   before do
>     @current_user = mock_model(User, :id => 1)  <== define a  
> current_user with id 1
>     controller.stub!(:check_administrator_role).and_return(true) <==  
> and current_user is administrator
>     @params = {:user_id=>1}  <== define params
>     User.stub!(:find).with(@params[:user_id]).and_return(@user) <==  
> and now try fetch the user with id 1
>   end

Keep in mind that it's
     before :each do
     before :all do

>   This line will define @user variable, right?
>   User.stub!(:find).with(@params[:user_id]).and_return(@user)

That line above tells the User class to return @user when #find is  
called on it with the argument @params[:user_id] .

You don't need to create a "params" variable. Eg:

before :each do
   @user = mock_model User
   User.stub!(:find).and_return @user

>   But I don't need mock the @user variable to fill it with valid  
> values ( like user_id, name, email and etc ) ?

If you want those methods, you'd stub them on @user, like this:
   @user = mock_model User, :name => 'Bob'
or like this:
   @user = mock_model User
   # ..some other code here..

>   describe "responding to GET index" do
>     it "should expose all properties of given user as @properties" do
>       @user.should_receive(:properties).and_return([mock_property])
>       get :index
>       assigns[:properties].should == [mock_property]
>     end
>   end

That looks about right.

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