[rspec-users] cucumber and autotest - running all features?

Matt Wynne matt at mattwynne.net
Thu Dec 4 18:17:55 EST 2008

On 2 Dec 2008, at 14:11, Peter Jaros wrote:

> On Mon, Dec 1, 2008 at 2:50 AM, Matt Wynne <matt at mattwynne.net> wrote:
>> I've been thinking about a more sophisticated mechanism for this,  
>> using code
>> coverage. If autotest / rspactor was able to record and remember  
>> the LOC
>> covered by each scenario / example, it would be possible to do more  
>> focussed
>> regression testing when a source file was changed.
> It's a clever thought, but you don't know about code which scenarios
> *will* depend on in the future.  You'd have to manually restart
> autotest and have it recalculate all of the mappings.

Well. I reckon I would be adding new code under two circumstances:
(1) I am refactoring existing code, sprouting out classes etc.
(2) I am cutting new code to pass a new, failing, scenario / spec

In case (1 - refactoring), I expect that as I move code out of  
BigFatClass and create ShinyNewClass, I would have to save  
big_fat_class.rb, which would trigger the tests that cover it. That  
would then update the coverage mappings to also cover shiny_new_class.rb

In case (2 - adding new code, guided by tests), there would be failing  
tests to re-run which, when run, would hopefully spin up the new code  
as I write it. The re-run of failing tests could be triggered either  
manually, or by a trigger that just watched the folders where new  
source files were likely to crop up.

WDYT? Possible?

Matt Wynne

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