[rspec-users] Rails project as a template for other projects (off topic)

Andrew Premdas apremdas at gmail.com
Thu Dec 4 13:34:09 EST 2008

This is of topic but I have a feeling I might get some useful advice here -
hope you don't mind

I've created a rails project that I want to use as a basis for other rails
project. I was wondering if anyone had any tips on workflow for doing this
sort of thing, especially dealing with updating projects as the base project
gets improved.

My base project might be of interest to people here, its basically

Vanilla Rails project with added rspec, cucumber, haml, compass,
object_daddy, webrat and restful-authentication (RA). Then the RA stories
have been replaced with features which are specifically designed to be
simple enough that I can understand them with simple steps as well. The RA
forms have been hamlized and made to work properly with webrat (have proper
labels) and finally a couple of tweaks have been added so you can login with
email (optional) and the remember_me stuff works.

I'm using GIT for SCM

Anyhow any ideas ?


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