[rspec-users] Any plans for Before-feature or Before-all steps in Cucumber?

Ashley Moran ashley.moran at patchspace.co.uk
Wed Dec 3 14:01:19 EST 2008

On 3 Dec 2008, at 16:59, Ben Mabey wrote:

> I agree with Ashley.  In the past I have done multiple profiles just  
> as Joseph has suggested.  I have then modified my features task to  
> serially run my different feature sets and profiles.  With that you  
> do have one task you need to run.  However, it would still be very  
> nice if these different profile types, even if not ran as the same  
> process, could be grouped into a single report and given then  
> appearance that it was one large process.  I understand the problems  
> and difficulties of doing such a thing, but WDYT?  If we think there  
> is enough value in such an aggregate feature set  runner/report and  
> we can decide on the details then I would be willing to tackle it.

Sounds like there's two issues here.  One is grouping features into  
run sets (eg fast-running, slow-running; needs an external service, is  
self-contained) the other is running features in a certain mode (eg  
against mock-services, against live services; using HTML interface,  
using XML interface).

One solution to the first problem could be tagging the features/ 

Feature: blah
   Groups: slow
   As a...

   Scenario: blah
     Groups: twitter web

Or something.  Maybe?

The second problem currently has to be handled as separate Cucumber  
rake tasks with different --require options to load different steps.   
I don't have any multi-mode features though, so I haven't had to worry  
about this yet.  I suspect the general problem (given all the  
potential dimensions you could create) is currently unspecified and  
the general solution is quite hard...

I still think having an authoritative 'rake features' is essential,  



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