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James Byrne lists at ruby-forum.com
Wed Dec 3 10:31:44 EST 2008

Andrew Premdas wrote:
> Perhaps the creation of the join is not something that should be
> tested by a feature. This sounds to me like an implementation detail
> that would be better tested by some sort of unit test. So if your
> features want to have things in them mentioning joins, databases and
> other such things then you're probably using the wrong tool. Joseph
> wrote a really good blog post about this sort of stuff
>  http://blog.josephwilk.net/ruby/telling-a-good-story-rspec-stories-from-the-trenches.html

Thanks for the reference! I have added a link to it from my own attempt 
at describing how to begin testing with cucumber.

I did not show the code because most of it is not written.  I am 
learning as I go with this exercise and no doubt many of these early 
attempts will need to be revised as I become more proficient.  The 
feature looks like this:

  Scenario: Add an initial location for a party

    Given I have a party named "My Test Party"

    When I add a location for "My Test Party"
      And I set the "type" to "MAIN"
      And I set the "description" to "Sole Location"
      And I set the "effective date" to "1984-11-01"
      And I set the "superseded date" to "nil"
      And I provide valid site information
      And I create the location

    Then I should find the "MAIN" location for "My Test Party"
      And location "description" should be "sole location"

As you can see, other than the attributes and their expected values, the 
only implementation detail exposed is that a site is somehow distinct 
from a location.

In this case, the step definitions [When /have a party named "(.*)"/] 
and [When /provide valid site/] are effectively factory methods that 
provide a valid model instance of the appropriate type.  I was debating 
with myself where best to locate these methods, either in a 
step-definition file relating to the model itself, or as distinctly 
named methods within the location_steps.rb file.

Presently, I am proceeding cautiously with the first option of placing 
these methods with their models, keeping in mind that this may not be 
what I need to do at all.  The main reason being is that the factory 
methods already contained in the model_steps.rb files are working 
without problem.

I am still not content with some of the verbs that I am using in my 
features.  Particularly those surrounding the process of instantiating a 
new row to a table. Add, Create, and Commit all seem to possess 
unfortunate inferences when used in a feature step.
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