[rspec-users] How much test data to use in specs

Rahoul Baruah baz at madeofstone.net
Wed Aug 27 11:12:14 EDT 2008

Hi all,

On 25 Aug 2008, at 17:53, Nick Hoffman wrote:

> At the moment, my plan is to spec out the following possibilities.  
> A property is invalid if its address:
> 1) doesn't begin with a digit;
> 2) is shorter than 2 characters;
> 3) is longer than 128 characters;

Personally I think that if those three points are your specification  
then your RSpec should match that.

* it "should not begin with a digit",
* it "should not be shorter than 2 characters",
* it "should not be longer than 128 characters" and
* it "should allow valid addresses" (this is for clarity, so you have  
an example of a valid address in your documentation).

If your regex allows or disallows more or less than those four  
clauses then your specification does not match your implementation.


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