[rspec-users] What are we spec'ing?

Muhammad Ichsan ichsan at gmail.com
Sun Aug 24 10:39:34 EDT 2008

Dear All,

I'm a new member here. I've been using RSpec since my first Rails
project. I'm proud that I've deliver the most bugs free app in my
office (In my country, spec'ing even autotesting is not common).
Thanks to Ruby community that make autotesting very easy and
encouraging. I think Ruby is the best entry to start making quality
codes. Because ruby's way is direct and focus.

There are things that bother me. On of them is this. What are we
spec'ing actually? I've heard that we should not do this

it "should save the person"
person = Person.new({:name => 'Jack'})
Person.find(person.id).should != null

bacause, it seems that we're are spec'ing the Active Record which is
already well tested. So, any of you can give me some bad examples or
bad ways to do spec'ing and why.  I'd like to learn from other
references too.


~A useful man to others is a lucky man

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