[rspec-users] Argument Constraints where the Argument is a Hash

Matt Wynne matt at mattwynne.net
Mon Aug 18 12:10:37 EDT 2008

Hi folks,

I have an object whose constructor I want to stub, specifying that it  
should be passed a hash containing an expected set of key / value pairs.

Note that the actual hash might contain more key / value pairs, but I  
don't care, as long as my expected ones are there

I thought I might be able to write this:

           expected_params = {
             :page => "1",
             :city_id => city.id.to_s,
             :name => "thingy" }

	Venue::Query.should_receive(:new).with( include 
(expected_params) ).and_return(query)

... but it doesn't seem to work.

What's my best approach?

Thanks for your patience and support as I get up to speed with this  
stuff folks. You're all very kind!


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