[rspec-users] Autotest and subclasses / namespaces

Matt Wynne matt at mattwynne.net
Mon Aug 18 09:39:00 EDT 2008

On 18 Aug 2008, at 14:27, David Chelimsky wrote:
>> Check out the output from autotest:
>> /usr/local/bin/ruby -S script/spec -O spec/spec.opts
>> /Users/matt/Documents/projects/songkick/skweb/app/controllers/ 
>> admin/cities_controller.rb
> The fact that autotest is trying to load the controller file itself is
> probably the source of the problem here.

I had changed the controller file though (I'm refactoring). Would you  
expect autotest to still just load the corresponding spec, rather  
than the changed controller source file itself?

> I'm sure you noted this earlier, but what version of rspec and zentest
> are you using?

>> I'm using ZenTest 3.10.0 / Rails 2.1 / RSpec 1.1.4

> Have you modified the mappings in rails_rspec.rb (you
> can do this in RAILS_ROOT/.autotest or ~/.autotest)?

I do have an ~/.autotest but it's only got Growl stuff in it, and  
there's nothing in my rails root.


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