[rspec-users] Autotest setup to run Story Runner?

Ben Men lists at ruby-forum.com
Thu Aug 14 17:10:45 EDT 2008

Zach Dennis wrote:
> That would be very difficult to do and to do well (with autotest or
> RSpactor) since stories cover a complete vertical slice of the
> application, and it'd be almost impossible to know what source file
> (or method) affect will what stories.

Sure, I agree, but I think it would still be incredibly useful even if 
it ran a single scenario every time you edit that scenario - not 
necessarily the source files that the scenario would "operate" on.

> Continuous integration works very well for this. Let another machine
> pull an update (or you can push an update) and it runs the specs and
> stories. When I was at Atomic Object I wrote a small growl notifier
> which received updates from our continuous integration server telling
> it when something failed. It was beautiful. Of course this was really
> easy to write since the continuous integration server was written in a
> way that allowed you to attach listeners (and remote monitors) to it
> over the network.

I've already got TeamCity (highly recommended) running for both stories 
and examples every time I check into SVN.  I'm doing things as 
test-driven as possible , and more times than not it's a story driving 
development rather than a spec.  Test driving things this way means I 
get to run the stories all the time, and a bit of automation would be 

Hell, I'd settle to just be able to execute a single scenario by hand at 
this point.  Running an entire story is still too large for me sometimes 

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