[rspec-users] Do you remember RSpactor?

rubyphunk treas at dynamicdudes.com
Thu Aug 14 05:26:23 EDT 2008

On 8 Aug., 19:11, "Mark Wilden" <m... at mwilden.com> wrote:
> I've been using RSpactor (the gem version, not the GUI) fairly happily for a
> month or so. However, when trying the GUI version out, it became clear that
> RSpactor loads things differently than 'rake spec'. Today, using the gem
> version, I found that I get a MissingSourceFile trying to require json.
> 'rake spec' works fine.

RSpactor loads things the same way as 'rake spec' does. The problem
comes from the environment RSpactor.app is running in.
I haven't figured out yet how to change that..

> So I'd suggest that RSpactor is not quite ready for primetime, in case
> anyone's thinking of using it.

You're right RSpactor is not a final release, its a first beta. So if
you encounter problems please report them to the lighthouse project
http://rspactor.lighthouseapp.com or simply fork, fix, commit :)
However, you can use RSpactor already for your daily work. I do, and a
lot of other people too.

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