[rspec-users] Keep getting respond_to? errors

Jd Roberts lists at ruby-forum.com
Sat Aug 9 11:33:30 EDT 2008

> Are you running under drb?  Autotest?   What version of rspec?  rails?
> I'm almost certain this is a rails loading bug...Are you requiring
> anywhere?  What is the value of config.cache_classes in your test.rb?

Same prob. Passing tests pass, and the first failing test fails 
correctly... but ever afterwards the permanent 'respond_to?' error 
plagues me until I restart autotest

Running autotest with Rspec -v 1.1.4 and rails 2.1.0

no special requiring (except spec_helper at the top, of course) and 
config.cache_classes is true

I tried setting config.cache_classes to false, but that didn't change 
the above countdown to FAIL :/
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