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Fri Aug 8 11:09:12 EDT 2008


Hope you had a nice break David.

I've been thinking about hidden backtraces in the html stories some more 
and I think having them carries little to no impact for the non-tech 
consumers of the stories.

I think its similar to how we use Nagios. The business like to look at 
the nice red and green lights. When things go wrong they don't care why, 
they care if its red. The QA people of the other hand can use the same 
interface to see what went wrong.

It feels a similar situation to that of the html stories.

The key thing for me is that we still try and make the html story 
reports standalone. Fortunately a simple show hide is not going to 
require any external js libs.

I'm happy to add some JS to my current patch to show/hide the backtrace 
when there is an error.

As for a separate Formatter for developers, with the JS/backtrace dealt 
with perhaps until something dramatic comes about that swings the 
discussion we procrastinate?

Joseph Wilk,

David Chelimsky wrote:
> On Tue, Jul 29, 2008 at 2:28 PM, Joseph Wilk <lists at ruby-forum.com> 
> wrote:
>>> Ahh, good to know.  Does that mean that the HTML isn't outputted until
>>> all of the scenario's are ran for a particular story?
>> Exactly. It made the html much nicer but did loose that per scenario
>> output. I added a progress bar formatter so I could still get that
>> direct scenario feedback, be it just a green dot or red F :)
>> David are you happy with this html and dev-html formatter direction? If
>> so I'll move this issue to lighthouse and start adding my patch.
> Sorry for the long silence on this - just got back from my first
> "computer-free" vacation in some years. I recommend it to everyone
> (though some may wish to prepare themselves for assorted withdrawal
> symptoms).
> Anyhow - I'm not convinced one way or the other as to whether two
> formatters for different audiences is better than a single html
> formatter w/ some simple js to reveal backtraces. I can tell you from
> my experience with FitNesse that the backtraces were sometimes
> life-saving and sometimes simply annoying. Having the option to show
> it but have it hidden on load would be nice.
> Anybody else wanna chime in on this?

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