[rspec-users] Straw Poll: How are you using plain text stories (in rails)?

Joseph Wilk lists at ruby-forum.com
Wed Aug 6 07:13:11 EDT 2008

> Are people generally using them, as I was in the .NET world, to drive
> selenium/watir acceptance tests, or do they have value as replacements
> to the rails 'integration tests'?

I'm using stories as acceptance tests and also replacing rails
integration tests. I find with stories I generally end up with good
coverage of all the things I would do for integration tests.

> How about webrat? or some other glue / tool that I haven't heard of yet?

Webrat's great but you often have to turn to something that handles
JavaScript. I ended up using Selenium to handle this (Selenium-rc). I 
find in a big ajaxy web app, webrat accounts for about 10% of my 

Dealing with the running tests in both Webrat and a browser testing
framework requires some separation when running the stories. I've been
meaning to make a post on this...

Webrat has started to look at how its syntax can be used to drive
Selenium/Watir (checkout the latest in git). How useful this is and
where it goes I'm unsure but its interesting!

If you are using JRuby a nice tool which wraps the Java HtmlUnit is

At the moment I'm yet to see something like HtmlUnit on the ruby
platform. I watch Celerity in envy :)

Joseph Wilk
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