[rspec-users] Autotest Doesn't Run Old Test::Unit Tests After Install

Matt Wynne lists at ruby-forum.com
Tue Aug 5 13:19:47 EDT 2008


We have a biggish rails app with a bunch of 'legacy' Test::Unit tests,
but we're moving over to rspec for all our new work.

We're going to be carrying these legacy tests around for a good while
though, so they need to play together nicely.

Before I installed the rspec plugins, autotest would run the Test::Unit
tests in the project if I just called the autotest command from the root
of the rails app.

Now, when I do the same thing, it just runs the specs... and that's it -
the old Test::Unit tests are ignored. I've attached the output FYI.

I'd really like autotest to watch / run both rspec and Test::Unit tests
in case my changes break either type of test. Obviously I can still use
rake to run both, but I'd like to know I'll get the instant feedback.

Plus I'm just intrigued about what's going on! I've tried looking at the
AutoTest code in the vendor/plugins/rspec* directories but I'm a bit too
new to ruby (second week as a pro!) to figure out what's going on in


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