[rspec-users] Fixtures in Jruby Mysql

Thijs Cadier lists at ruby-forum.com
Mon Apr 21 10:47:44 EDT 2008


I've been developing a Rails frontend to a Java backend which is working
great. I'm running into trouble now that I'm adding a few models though.

All specs that use fixtures fail. Jruby gives this error message in the
Rspec version of two weeks ago:

java.sql.SQLException: Can't call rollback when autocommit=true

I've just now updated to the newest CURRENT version of Rspec and the
specs now fail silently. I can only assume it's still the same problem

I've tried adding ?autoCommit=false to the Jdbc url and I've set
config.use_transactional_fixtures to false. Neither of these changes
seem to have any effect. There seems to be extremely little information
available about this issue through Google.

Does anybody have any ideas?

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