[rspec-users] Creating stories for the second resource. Very wet appro

Joseph Wilk lists at ruby-forum.com
Thu Apr 17 09:44:03 EDT 2008


I've come across a similar problem. Sharing the steps is the easy bit. 
And I've started to create a 'useful_steps.rb' for storing very common 

I have just copy and pasted the plain text stories before but since they 
use the same steps, there was little new steps to write.

It feels like the steps are where you want to keep it dry but the 
stories are the domain specific language to writing 
acceptance/integration tests.

So it is similar problem to saying that models contain lots of 
'has_ones' and hence are not dry.

Well thats the conclusions I've been coming to after using stories for a 

Joseph Wilk

Tim Haines wrote:
> Hi y'all
> I'm about to start writing up the stories for my second resource.  The
> second resource is so similar to the first that I feel a good way for me 
> to
> start might be to copy and paste the stories and edit from there.  This
> seems very anti-dry though.  Am I missing something obvious, or would 
> you
> expect (and be happy with) a lot of duplication between stories?
> Tim.

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