[rspec-users] Stories - Use view matchers rather than assigns[].should?

David Chelimsky dchelimsky at gmail.com
Fri Apr 11 10:18:13 EDT 2008

On Apr 11, 2008, at 8:15 AM, David Chelimsky wrote:

> On Apr 11, 2008, at 4:44 AM, Ashley Moran <ashley.moran at patchspace.co.uk 
> > wrote:
>> On 11 Apr 2008, at 03:14, Rick DeNatale wrote:
>>> I'm thinking that I might just write a whole new xxx_steps.rb file
>>> which would run the same story but at the real user interaction  
>>> level,
>>> and keep the model level steps also.  I still haven't convinced  
>>> myself
>>> one way or the other.
>> Wow, I had never thought of this.  Could you really write a story  
>> that
>> could be executed in two different environments based on the steps
>> file that got loaded?
> Absolutely. That is, in fact, one benefit of plain text stories that  
> we don't have with ruby stories ... Yet.

This is also a motivating factor in my own choice to keep the steps  
worded at high levels of abstraction. For example:

Given I am filling in my profile
When I enter nothing for E-Mail Address
And I submit my info
Then I should receive an error message telling me that E-Mail Address  
is required

This scenario does not say "page" or "screen." It could run against a  
web system, desktop, command line, or even a batch system, though that  
might be a bit of a stretch.

Of course, there are going to be cases when more granularity is  
required. If there is a requirement for a very specific user  
experience, something ajaxy for example, but these should be separated  
out as UI specific stories.


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