[rspec-users] newbq: Organizing your stories

Tim Haines tmhaines at gmail.com
Thu Apr 10 20:46:17 EDT 2008


I'm a little unhappy with how my stories are organised, and am wondering if
anyone has found any particular method nicest.  I'm working within an admin
namespace, and currently have a plain text story file for each controller in
the admin folder.  I also have a steps subfolder, with one step file per

I'm thinking it would be nicer to add a little more granularity here, and to
break the plain text story files down further into "actions" on each
controller so there's fewer stories per story file.  This could be done
either in the one folder, or by adding a bunch of subfolders.

I figure this is pretty common though, and that there will be one or two
approaches that have evolved to work pretty well?


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