[rspec-users] Why do I have to require_dependency here?

Ashley Moran ashley.moran at patchspace.co.uk
Mon Apr 7 16:01:09 EDT 2008


This was bugging the hell out of me until I found a fix just.  I have  
been getting reams and reams of errors from reference to one model  
class in a controller spec.  Here's one of the 57 that go wrong:

LoadError in 'UsersController PUT /users/:id when the model is invalid  
and there is no primary user issue and the user clicked Save should  
not assign the primary user issue to the view'
Expected /Users/ashleymoran/Documents/TechnoPhobia/becta/apps/Backend/ 
app/models/user_state.rb to define UserState

But the weird thing is it ONLY happens when you run the spec in  
isolation.  As part of a full autotest run, it's fine.

The fix is to put this at the top of the controller file:
require_dependency "user_state"

Any idea what could be going wrong?  It's not the first class loader  
issue I've hit, when I see a pattern I'll file a ticket.  Just  
wondered if this was new to everyone here.



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