[rspec-users] Netbeans and .story files

Martin Krauskopf Martin.Krauskopf at Sun.COM
Tue Apr 1 03:34:10 EDT 2008

Tim Haines wrote:
> Hi Ashley,
> I don't think Netbeans has support for plain text stories yet - but I'm 
> not certain (I was using it with frustration last night too).  Probably 
> better to ask in the netbeans forum?


yes, the .story extension is not supported out-of-the box. Unfortunately 
it is not possible to extend Ruby file-type now:


But easy to fix inside of NetBeans. I've just fixed it on my local 
machine. I'll commit in few hours.

I've filed:

Will not go into 6.1 (code-frozen), but you might grab it through the 
continuous builds when the issue above is marked fixed


BTW is the .story extension kind of "official" one? I saw in some 
tutorials using .rb extension.


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