[rspec-users] laziness plugin

s.ross cwdinfo at gmail.com
Sat Apr 5 00:46:58 EDT 2008

On Apr 4, 2008, at 8:45 PM, Will Sargent wrote:

> Just for general entertainment, apparently you can get Rails to write
> your unit tests now:
> "Laziness isn't just helpful in development mode, though - it also
> comes into play in production. If you've installed the
> exception_notification plugin (and you really should have - if not, go
> ahead; I'll wait), then laziness will add its generated test to the
> email you receive whenever your production app throws an unexpected
> exception."
> http://www.culann.com/2008/03/and-the-greatest-of-these-is-laziness
> Looks interesting, although it doesn't seem to handle rspec.
> Will.

This looks pretty slick. Just browsing the source on github, it looks  
like the code checks for RAILS_ROOT/spec/spec_helper.rb and uses that  
to decide whether to emit rSpec or Test::Unit tests.

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