[rspec-users] changes to RSpec Bundle

Ben Mabey ben at benmabey.com
Fri Apr 4 19:54:40 EDT 2008

Tim Harper wrote:
> Hi,
> I forked the rspec bundle on github and added a new command to it (an  
> Update RSpec Bundle command).  I sent a pull request, but haven't  
> heard back from anyone on it.
> David, did you get my pull request?  Or did it get lost in the black  
> whole of cyberspace? (if you were too busy to respond, that's fine,  
> just wanted to follow up)
> Thanks,
> Tim
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Hey Tim,
I just asked about the use of pull request vs patches on the dev list.  
According to David things should still be added to the project tracker:

So you can either upload a patch there or just give the commit link on 
github he could pull from.  Either way they want to keep track of this 
stuff on lighthouse I think.

Also, there was some talk of moving the bundle in a separate bundle and 
using git modules... I don't think that has happened yet though...


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