[rspec-users] How do I best setup data for Story Runner?

Simon Peter Nicholls simon at mintsource.org
Wed Sep 26 18:54:46 EDT 2007

Just started looking at the Story Runner integration, and am  
converting a few Rails integration tests to get a feel for it.

My integration tests relied on fixtures, and since my models have a  
significant amount of validation (and hence need valid data unless I  
save without validation), this has made setup easy.

With stories however, I'm wondering what the recommended approach is.  
Mocks are out I assume, since the point is testing the stack, but are  
fixtures out too? Should we be meeting our more complex or repetitive  
setup needs by treating it as plain ruby code that needs refactoring  
via regular Ruby/OO techniques (Object Mother et al)?

A typical scenario for me might involve a couple of users with  
different roles, plus a collection of other collaborating objects.

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