[rspec-users] using @variables in an 'it' block

Korny Sietsma korny at sietsma.com
Thu Sep 27 05:39:02 EDT 2007

Hi folks,

I'm somewhat new to the current RSpec release - at work we are still
using 0.8.something, with "context 'blah' do ... specify 'should
thing' ..."

We have some helper code to automatically mix-in selenium:
module SeleniumHelper
  include SpecHelper
  def initialize(arg)
    @selenium = SeleniumHelper.selenium
(selenium.rb also adds some method-missing magic so we don't need to
say '@selenium.open(foo)' we can just say 'open(foo)', but that's not
particularly relevant to my question)

My problem is, at home in rspec 1.0.8, including this module doesn't work:

describe ThingController do
  include SeleniumHelper

  it "should list all known things" do
    @selenium.open "/thing/list"          #   ==> fails with "nil.open" error
    SeleniumHelper.selenium.open "/thing/list"  #  ==> succeeds!
    open "/thing/list"   # ==>fails with "nil.open" error

The first line fails - @selenium seems to be nil, I get an exception.
The second line passes.
The third line fails also, for the same reason as the first.

Any thoughts?  Any hints on getting @selenium initialised?  It seems
that the method-missing magic is (probably) working, as the third line
fails in the same way as the first line - but I'd like to know how to
get @selenium to exist.

(addendum - if I add to my startup code:
  config.before(:all) { @selenium = SeleniumHelper.selenium }
  it seems to work! But I'm still interested in why it doesn't get set
in "initialize"...)

- Korny

Kornelis Sietsma  korny at my surname dot com

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