[rspec-users] Odd response.body behavior

Luke Galea galeal_lists at ideaforge.org
Tue Sep 25 08:15:24 EDT 2007

Sorry to bump myself here: But this behavior is really messing my  
tests up. If anyone has any insight I'd really appreciate it.

Even in a debugger, the value of response.body is the name of the  
template rather than the content, but only in the test and only in a  
few cases. Works fine in dev.

Perhaps it's a rails issue rather than an rspec issue?

-- Luke

On 22-Sep-07, at 11:17 AM, Luke Galea wrote:

> Hi all,
> I'm having very odd behavior, but only with a few of my specs.
> I'm checking the value of response.body and in most cases finding it
> to be the content of the body... but in some cases it's the name of
> the template rendered!! There's no rhyme or reason I can see, but
> obviously my tests fail for no reason when I expect the body to
> contain the content.
> Any idea what is happening?
> Thanks in advance!
> Luke
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