[rspec-users] Story Runner, autoincrementing

Andrew WC Brown omen.king at gmail.com
Sun Sep 23 01:38:00 EDT 2007

I've written a story and I run into a snag.
I've written the create_forum method and told it to set the id to 1
but when it creates the forum the id is autoincremented.
My forums table is empty but the id keeps incrementing the newest record on
When I run the story it comes out as something like 59 which fails my story
because I'm asking it to look at /forums/1

I thought of using my named routes instead of specifying the path as a
That worked up until the point when I reached:

When "creating a new topic titled", "Nicks Mom" do |title|
  post topics(@forum, ??? ), :topic => { :title => title, :body => "She is
teh hotZ!" }

The problem was since its a nested routed I couldn't complete the post
request without specifying the topic_id.
But since the topic hasn't been created yet their is no way (that I know of)
to pass the id since I don't know what it will be.

I would think the better practice is to state the paths as strings instead
of using the nested routes.

require File.join(File.dirname(__FILE__), "helper")

Story "User creates a new topic", %{
    As a user
    I want to create a new topic
    So that I can dicuss Nick's Mom
  }, :type => RailsStory do

  Scenario "Successfully create a new topic in the 'General' forum" do

    Given "a user named", "Jon" do |login|
      @user = create_user login
    Given "a forum named", "General" do |name|
      @forum = create_forum name
      puts @forum.id

    And "user logged in successfully and was redirect to", "/" do |path|
      post "/session/create", :login => "Jon", :password => "your_momma"
      response.should redirect_to("/")

    And "user is looking at", "/forums/1" do |path|
      get path
      response.should be_success

    When "creating a new topic titled", "Nicks Mom" do |title|
      post "/forums/1/topics/1/create", :topic => { :id => 1, :title =>
title, :body => "She is teh hotZ!" }

    Then "user should be redirected to", "/forums/1/topics/1" do |path|
      get path
      response.should be_success


  Scenario "Failed creating a new topic due to blank fields" do; end
  Scenario "Sticky a new thread" do; end
  Scenario "Annoucment as a new thread" do; end

def create_user(login)
  user = User.create!(
    :login => login,
    :email => "your at momma.com",
    :password => "your_momma",
    :password_confirmation => "your_momma",
    :display_name => "Jon")

def create_forum(name)
  forum = Forum.create!(
    :id => 1,
    :name => name,
    :description => "Everything from the latest gossip to the coolest
youtube videos.")

How do I stop the incrementing?
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