[rspec-users] How to DRY up controller action spec with different params.

Matthijs Langenberg mlangenberg at gmail.com
Sat Sep 22 09:22:53 EDT 2007

I tend to write a fresh description block for every change in the parameters
for that specific action, because I hate conditionals in the example
describtion, e.g.:
describe SomeController, "handling GET /path/with/param/3" do
 it "should do this"
 it "should not do this if"
 it "should still do that in both cases"

Seperate description blocks keep things clean, however, there is a big
amount of duplication between the two blocks, I do love clarity over cryptic
DRY-ed up code (certainly in the examples), but those long blocks make the
controller spec file tedious.

Take for instance the code from the following pastie (
http://pastie.caboo.se/99683 ). The only difference between the two examples
is that, in the first example a cart is retreived using the cart_id from the
session, and in the second a new cart is created. Both then find an item and
add this item to the cart.

How would you guys rewrite the examples in the provided pastie? (and don't
hesitate to tell me if you have any comments about the way I wrote these
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