[rspec-users] FW: FW: Specifying spec and output format inline?

Adam Reed areed at relocationcentral.com
Thu Sep 20 10:18:57 EDT 2007

Thanks, I appreciate it!

I'm using Windows XP.  These test scripts will eventually be scheduled
to be run automatically through a batch, where I assume I'll be able to
use the normal command line functions to direct output, I just wanted to
see if there was a way to do that from inside the script itself so I can
continue to use SciTE during development, rather than switching to
command line each time I want output.

Of course, typing that "out loud", it sounds pretty lazy.  The command
line won't be that much of a hassle... 

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Adam Reed wrote:
> I just want the script to save the rspec output to an html file when 
> the script is run.  In this case, the script will be run from SciTE 
> using


I don't know what O/S you're using, but I actually output my results to
a HTML file stored in the public folder of my sandbox.  I don't have my
notebook booted up at the moment, but I'll send you a batch script
(Windows XP) that shows how I do it.

Cody Skidmore

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