[rspec-users] I lost the RSpec fight

Wincent Colaiuta win at wincent.com
Sun Sep 16 10:36:04 EDT 2007

El 16/9/2007, a las 15:38, Jay Levitt escribió:

> * Test::Unit is ubiquitous.  Everyone knows it.  This is hard to
> counter; it comes with Rails and is the default.

Sorry to hear that you lost the fight. And that "better" doesn't  
always win. For me "better" beats "ubiquitous" any time.

Ah well, in time RSpec will gain a bigger and bigger share. It's  

> * RSpec is BDD (hand-waving new different troublesome); we do TDD.
> We've covered that ground on this list many times; BDD is an extension
> and interpretation of TDD, not some newfangled crackpot theory.

Sigh. For me BDD *is* TDD, just with a vocabulary and a set of tools  
that subtly steer you towards doing it well rather than half-baked.


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