[rspec-users] Philosophical questions

Jarkko Laine jarkko at jlaine.net
Fri Sep 14 02:15:57 EDT 2007

On 14.9.2007, at 1.10, Pat Maddox wrote:
> Others have mentioned Story Runner, which is a new feature of RSpec.
> I'm pretty jazzed about it, because it's a very lightweight tool for
> acceptance tests.  The structure is clean, it just makes sense to me.
> I wrote an introduction which you can find at
> http://evang.eli.st/blog/2007/9/1/user-stories-with-rspec-s-story- 
> runner.
>  It also has links to some of Dan North's articles which are a great
> resource for really getting BDD.

+1 for Story Runner. I just installed it on a project for a client  
that were using controller specs heavily for end-to-end stuff. Even  
on an app running on Rails 1.2, the rspec trunk installed flawlessly  
with some minimal changes to the existing spec code. From what I  
learned, Story Runner is already highly usable even though it's not  
officially out.


Jarkko Laine

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