[rspec-users] A puzzling spec failure in a shared describe

Christopher D. Pratt chrisdpratt at gmail.com
Wed Sep 12 16:23:32 EDT 2007

I'm not really sure about your error, so hopefully someone more skilled than
me can help you with that.

As far as the "mock issue" goes, I don't think that was anything more than a
suggestion. I don't foresee RSpec removing it's built in mocking. If you
want/need to use another mocking framework, I know that Mocha and RSpec play
well. Not sure about FlexMock.

Chris Pratt

On 9/11/07, Mark Van De Vyver <mvyver at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> Thanks for all the effort that has gone into making RSpec available.
> I'm not a professional developer and I've found the approach
> articulated has helped me a lot in writing my code, and understanding
> that of others.
> To cut my teeth, I'm trying to write an db adapter for the og project.
> I've being iterating with RSpec and it's exposed some unexpected
> behavior in OG, and helped me to understand some of OGs behavior, but
> I've hit a snag.....
> Perhaps someone will be kind enough to point out why I see the 4
> failures listed in the
> attached log when I run the attached spec file, and even kinder to
> suggest how I might get this working :)
> Specifically, I'm puzzled by the following failure:
> 1)
> 'A default (DbiAdapter) connection to a new Og store should refer to
> the default database in its 'name' attribute.' FAILED
> expected: :memory,
>     got: "test" (using ==)
> /usr/src/nitro-repo/og/test/og/adapter/dbi.rb:242:
> /usr/src/nitro-repo/og/test/og/adapter/dbi.rb:318:
> The text refers to the description of a set of expectatons far away
> from the lines references, in fact those line numbers refer to
> different describe section altogether.  The 'got "test"' suggest it
> was running a spec around the line numbers cited, but the describe
> 'text' is out of sync.
> I suspect I'm don't understand the scope and contexts of the rspec
> components, or I may just be doing things back to front - I've read
> the simple tutorials, but have found and more advanced "how to" just
> yet - I'd greatly appreciate any pointers/hints someone can offer.
> There do seem to be some issues, such as 'you can't use an objects
> method twice in a describe block', but I may be misunderstand
> something I've seen?
> Anyway, hopefully it is not necessary, but if you need to run the spec
> file I can try help you get OG to that point, but that could be tricky
> - not all changes I've made have been
> submitted or accepted yet.
> Hopefully you can just see my error from a glance at the spec file?
> Perhaps you can comment on what should be done differently to be
> closer to rspec best-practice.
> I think this is the first adapter spec file so can probably be used as
> a template for others in the project?
> As I said, I suspect I'm missing something about how rspec works... one
> issue
> that isn't clear from the rspec site is the scope of variables in a
> spec file...
> Final Q:
> Has there been a resolution of the Mock issue, i.e will it rspec
> implementation stay in rspec or not.
> Which of mocha and flexmock are most compatible (i.e. work) with
> rspec, or is there a 'better' mock project to use with rspec.
> Appreciate any help or insight you can offer.
> Regards
> Mark
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