[rspec-users] why no newlines in failure messages?

Jeremy Stell-Smith jeremystellsmith at gmail.com
Sat Sep 8 14:39:32 EDT 2007

Instead of :

expected "<ul>\n  <li>red</li>\n  <li>blue</li>\n</ul>", got "<ul>\n
<li>red</li>\n    <li>blue</li>\n  </ul>" (using ==)

could we make rspec exceptions look more like :

expected "<ul>\n  <li>red</li>\n  <li>blue</li>\n</ul>",
     got "<ul>\n  <li>red</li>\n    <li>blue</li>\n  </ul>" (using ==)

or if that is too hard, even :

"<ul>\n  <li>red</li>\n  <li>blue</li>\n</ul>", got
"<ul>\n  <li>red</li>\n    <li>blue</li>\n  </ul>" (using ==)

then it becomes readily easy to scan the two values and see differences, as
opposed to (something I have done far too often in the last few months)
copying the diff, pasting it somewhere and manually doing this.

I have looked at the --diff option, but it doesn't show how something has
changed, just where it has changed which is not quite what I want.

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