[rspec-users] Content assist for spec files

Tor Norbye tor.norbye at sun.com
Wed Sep 5 19:05:53 EDT 2007

Hi there,

I'm working on Ruby support for NetBeans, and we're bundling RSpec  
(along with JRuby).

One thing I'd really like to fix is having content assist (code  
completion / intellisense / code insight, it has many names) work  
inside your spec files such that you can not only hit ctrl-space and  
see "describe", "before", "it" etc. but also see the documentation  
for these methods.

The problem is that when I'm looking at a spec file, there are no  
require-statements. Obviously, the methods I see called in the spec  
files must be defined by the test runner itself before running the  
spec file.

Can somebody enlighten me as to what that context looks like?

(As an example, in Ruby on Rails "view" files, I treat the file as if  
it's extending ActionView::Base, so all the methods on that class  
(and included modules and such) all become available as methods you  
can call from the view. I was wondering if there was a similar class,  
or set of Modules, that I can use to simulate the context for the  
code inside the _spec.rb file.)

-- Tor

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