[rspec-users] Invite from Ben Askins (ben.askins at gmail.com)

Luis Lavena luislavena at gmail.com
Tue Sep 4 00:07:05 EDT 2007

Oh, this make my day:

" You received this because Ben Askins (ben.askins at gmail.com) knows and
agreed to invite you. You will only receive one invite from
ben.askins at gmail.com. Quechup will not spam or sell your email address
- privacy
policy <http://quechup.com/privacy.php>. (c) Quechup 2007."

Yeah, Ben agreed that Quechup will log into his account, grab all their
contacts and mass mail them, without a bit of logic to disregard/filter
mailing lists addresses...

I love those sites... too viral for my taste :-P
Also, another facebook clone hits the web... I even don't like facebook!

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